101 Things passes the 101 day mark

Darn it! I was gonna post on the 101st day but I forgot. I’m amazed it’s already been over one hundred days since I started working on completing my 101 Things in 1001 days list. It seems like I need to get more done but when I look at the list, a lot of the items won’t be done until the 1001 days are done, so I’ll be marking a bunch off at the end. So even though I’m 10% done with the time, I’m not 10% done with the items (only 6 are finished so far), and that’s OK. As long as I keep marking things off, that is. :)

Thanks to everybody who’s helped me along thus far. I would say names but I’m afraid I would neglect to mention someone and I don’t want to make anybody feel bad!! So if you’ve touched my life in any way within the past 102 days, thank you.

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