Re-learning how to eat.

Weekly SaladFor quite a while, I’ve had an itchy, scaly patch in my ear, which got worse after I had a course of antibiotics for a bad tooth. I suspect I have a systemic candida infestation, so on March 1st, 2016, I started a candida cleanse and diet, hoping to heal the cause of my ear trouble rather than just treating the symptoms.

The first day was broth only. Days two through six – only vegetables. On day seven, I’ll start the diet, which is consuming absolutely NO sugar, grains, yeast, or alcohol. I’m going to do it for at least the month of March, and longer if I feel I’m not healed of the infection.

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The Interval Intense class WAS intense!

The instructor (Jenn) set up a bunch of stations and we spent two minutes at each station. We did stuff like situps on the balance ball, mountainclimbers, reverse mountainclimbers (those were really hard), moving kettlebells around, walking lunges, about 7 or 8 other things. I got a really good, total-body workout today!

HIT me!

Recently I discovered a blog, by Jon Barron, which seems to have a lot of good advice on health and well-being. Here’s one article in particular I found interesting:

Intense Exercise Slashes Diabetes Risk

Now that I’m exercising on a regular basis (and even getting used to getting sweaty!), perhaps I’ll try to add in some High-intensity Interval Training (HIT). Anybody out there have experience with this type of training?

Make Like a Pretzel

Today in one of my newsletters, I got an interesting article:

Best Yoga Poses for Women

I think I’m going to try it! It’ll help mix up my workout and add some interest. I’ve been wanting to try yoga for a long time – I have a book that I bought years ago but never got past the intro. Now that I’m exercising nearly every day, it will be good for variety.

Update! Here’s another workout I want to do, to get a nice backside:

Sculpt Your Butt from Women’s Health Magazine

Oh and here’s an article with little things you can do to help lose or keep off excess weight, from

20 Little Ways to Drop the Pounds and Keep Them Off