101 More Things I Love About Trav

  1. The first list made me ask him to marry me, and he said YES!!
  2. He makes a chest pool with me in the shower and when we move apart, the hot water gushes down between us and warms us up.
  3. Shared hand washing after our morning walks.
  4. In the dishwasher, he makes room for my dish, too.
  5. He’ll stick his face in the “photo op” stands and have his picture taken with me.
  6. He is extremely handsome.
  7. He gets better looking the older he gets.
  8. His steaks are better than I’ve had in any restaurant.
  9. He’s a great workout partner.
  10. He’s into mixed martial arts & UFC.
  11. We usually score about the same on tests and quizzes we take.
  12. He’s taught me to leave things ready for the next use. So much easier!
  13. He can be a very scary & authentic character for Halloween.
  14. His beard grows fast.
  15. He’ll play on the playground and whirl me on the roundabout.
  16. He supports my pollworker efforts (because he likes a woman who can work the polls).
  17. I can count on him to do what he’s promised.
  18. His beard is soft.
  19. He has bushy eyebrows. It took 20 years for me to really notice because he’s growing his facial hair for Halloween.
  20. He keeps his eyebrows trimmed.
  21. He is very kind and generous to his customers.
  22. He can’t leave a problem unsolved.
  23. He makes exercise fun. Sometimes I get an extra ab workout from laughing so hard.
  24. He’s sane.
  25. He’s fun to play with… Halloween at Weeki Wachee, for example! Or riding the shopping cart.
  26. He and his dad are cut from the same cloth.
  27. I love his dad!
  28. He’s very creative, always coming up with good ideas.
  29. He’ll deliver pizza to hungry poll workers.
  30. Some things that other people find incredibly offensive, we find extremely funny!
  31. He twists the bread tie the same way as I do.
  32. He has saved us from many accidents with his superior driving skills.
  33. He once described a broken egg as “Coming from together.”
  34. He knows what to put into Google to get a good result.
  35. He made the varsity wrestling team in 7th grade.
  36. He pays attention to and remembers things people say.
  37. He puts things back where he got them.
  38. He does thorough research before investing in technology.
  39. He’s learning to play the piano.
  40. He doesn’t mind being followed. By everyone in the house!
  41. He does plenty of following, too.
  42. He’s Mr. Mrs. Birt.
  43. He’s a gentleman.
  44. We have many different ways of saying “I love you.”
  45. He likes to wear matching tie-dye shirts.
  46. His lap makes an excellent chair.
  47. When I have soapy hands in the shower, he’ll let me scratch my nose on his chin scruff.
  48. He has an acute sense of smell, which is both good and bad!
  49. He can give Missy a pill like nobody’s business.
  50. He does laundry.
  51. He’ll grab my drink so the cat can stay on my lap.
  52. He’s an excellent DJ!
  53. He goes on binges of certain games.
  54. A few times, he went on the “WOW” diet, because he was playing World of Warcraft and pretty much all he ate was what I brought him.
  55. He looks spiffy in a bow tie.
  56. He waters the plants.
  57. On cold nights, he warms up my side of the bed so it’s nice and toasty when I get in.
  58. He sings, “I wanna hold your toooo-ooo-o-oe” when we lay with our toes touching in bed.
  59. He’s the best dance partner a girl can have.
  60. He can identify lots of birds.
  61. He always says, “Bye, love you!” to his family.
  62. He likes to be prepared.
  63. Computers work better when he’s nearby.
  64. He likes to savor things.
  65. He has a large vocabulary.
  66. On a cold day, he’ll throw our towels in the dryer and then wrap me up in a warm cocoon when I get out of the shower.
  67. He knows just how to hold me so we balance perfectly.
  68. He dips me at the end of every song we dance.
  69. He likes to cuddle after sex.
  70. He’s really good at following the plot.
  71. He’ll detour into the woods to get around a spider web that’s blocking the path.
  72. He helps me remember stuff.
  73. He’s been able to overcome negativity in his life (that must be where the realism comes from!).
  74. He’s a manly man, but not macho.
  75. If I start a repair project alone, he always joins me and helps with whatever it is.
  76. He saves me from bonking into things when I’m looking elsewhere.
  77. = 8 more.
  78. He entertains me with funny texts when we’re both using the toilet.
  79. Every day, when we finish washing, he draws hearts on my soapy body.
  80. He knows how to build a home theater system that’s better than the actual theater.
  81. He regularly contributes to my gratitude journal.
  82. He feels gratitude from my journal, too.
  83. He makes delicious chili.
  84. He tries to figure out why people act the way they do.
  85. Every night, he unhooks my bra for me.
  86. He has cute toes, especially the pinkie and the one next to it.
  87. He’s so lovable!
  88. When I look at him, I feel things.
  89. He always blows me a kiss as he’s walking out the door.
  90. He likes to wear our interlocking heart necklaces.
  91. I can see his sense of humor in the people from the M*A*S*H shows.
  92. He’s my muse.
  93. He’s an expert at grilling.
  94. He’s a master of double entendre.
  95. He’s passionate.
  96. He picks up trash at the park.
  97. He knows how to show his girl a good time.
  98. He’s honest.
  99. He believes cats should live indoors.
  100. He shows up.
  101. I’m always discovering new things to love about him.

More to come! Working on the next list.

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  1. Seems to me that you , Emily , are just as amazing as Travis is!!!! And it’s my pleasure to know you both ~~ and love you Aunt Marie xoxoxoxo

  2. Thanks, Aunt Marie! I love you, too, and am happy we’ve gotten to know each other. :)

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