I can almost play a song on the ukulele.

Nero wanted to get Mom’s ukulele working, and I was able to repair the broken tuning peg and get new strings. We discovered that it’s a baritone uke and Nero knows the soprano, so he ended up getting his own and now I’m learning on the baritone. After one day, I’m making pretty good progress on “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” The F chord is a challenge.

Fur Elise is now part of the clan.

Mozart and Wolfgang have been very loving and patient with her growling and swatting a bit. Today, Mozart gave her a few licks on the head, and Wolfgang gave her a kiss, too, and she didn’t hiss! She loves cuddling on Trav’s chest while he reclines on the sofa.

I had a productive day.

Repaired the fence, then cleaned up the yard a little so I could enjoy the nice weather, and sat outside to work the rest of the day. The second frame on the left is from the sheriff that went to the neighbor’s house this morning… you can see where he turned to peek in the neighbor’s yard, probably checking for criminals or something. I love the sand in Florida because I get to be a mini detective to figure out what went by.

We have a new president!

Dad would have been so pleased. Trav put on his first speech as president elect, and between him and Harris, it made me cry with joy. To see people so happy and to hear hope and a promise to help bring people together, my heart is full.