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I am a web developer, self-employed with my husband Travis since 1994. I like kayaking, ballroom dancing, skydiving, computers, reading, taking pictures, cooking, gem mining, and recycling. I was born 20 years too late… I like wearing tie-dye, sandals, shorts, and my seashell necklaces. And I want to be an upcycling artist, geologist and skydiving videographer when I grow up.  Or, a kayak and nature tour guide! :)

Emmy & Trav at the headwaters of Homosassa Springs

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. This is a one time hello. Since you are plastered all over the net, I thought I would comment on the fact that you are beautiful and a wonderful person. Travis seems like a great guy and after reading some of your blogs, I must say that I am very proud of you and him. I got injured a couple of years back (had foot severed then sewn back on). But my major attitude problem got me out of a wheelchair and now I run 5 miles a day. Golf, golf, golf. I am pursuing degree in Accounting at UofF and hope nothing but the best for you and yours. The one thing that I am proud of myself and happy is that I brought Tramp home to you. Your family (siblings) all look great and healthy. Can’t say much more except that you are beautiful as is your family. Don’t cut yourself down, no one I have ever met is more deserving of love and admiration.

  2. hugs hugs hugs – I am proud to call you both my friends — miss you terrible, Em — be safe

    and thanks again for bringing me to the web….well, gaming ;=)


  3. Thanks for reading my blog, Emmy. It’s fun to entertain someone besides just myself. Yours is great too!

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