Even More Things I Love About Trav!

Let’s see if I can get this list of 101 things done in less than five years. 🙂 Started on June 25, 2017. See also the first list, and the second list.

  1. His expressions, while reading the first lists, are priceless.
  2. I knew him before he had gray hair – which suits him just fine!
  3. He doesn’t leave me hangin’.
  4. His reaction to hearing a bra strap snap is awesome.
  5. We can have whole conversations without saying a word to each other.
  6. He’s very aware of his surroundings.
  7. He creates wonderful interactive entertainment for people celebrating Halloween.
  8. He’s known me more than half his life.
  9. He warms up Jester in her blanket tent by drying a towel for a while and then putting it in there for her to lay on.
  10. He remembers our bangiversary (2/12).
  11. He’s never been arrested.
  12. He’s my built-in tech support.
  13. He remembers important milestone dates.
  14. He’s a good bed for Missy.
  15. He sets the temperature of the shower good for me (I like it a little cooler).
  16. He’s excellent at steering the kayak.
  17. He lays out the freshly laundered shirts so I can fold them easily.
  18. He’s resourceful.
  19. He’s my designated driver.
  20. Even after seeing them around 25,000 times, he still gets excited to see my boobs.
  21. He’s now working at the polls with me!
  22. And we get to work together at the elections office.
  23. He has a vivid imagination.
  24. He makes delicious omelettes, better than what I can get at a restaurant.
  25. And his french press coffee is out of this world.
  26. He’s good at risk assessment.
  27. He turns on the side door light when I’m arriving home after dark.
  28. He takes good care of our peafowl buddies, feeding and watering them every day.
  29. He’s my alibi.
  30. He has the cutest butt crack I’ve ever seen.
  31. He’s eclectic in his tastes for music and movies.