101 Things in 1001 Days

This was an attempt to do 101 things in 1001 days, which I didn’t complete. So I turned the remaining items into my bucket list. But I thought I would leave this up to preserve the “history.”

My brother inspired me to create this list of things I want to complete within the next 1001 days… my goals for the next little while. Thank you, Michael! I believe the original concept is from Day Zero, and they’ve described the criteria of the project as:

Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e. represent some amount of effort on your part).

I’ve looked at many 101 things lists and find most of them to have worthy, attainable and interesting tasks. And I did borrow some of the items I found on other people’s lists…. after about 80 things I was kind of scraping for stuff to put on the list, so that really helped, looking at what other people have done.

So, here’s mine… in no particular order yet, but maybe it will be someday. Hey, do I get to put that on the list? :) I started on July 30, 2008 and will finish on April 28, 2011.

Health & Wellness

  1. Get enough exercise. For a while it was push-ups 6 of every 7 days (did that 82 times). Now it’s Gilad’s 3 times a week.
  2. Floss at least 3x a week. (150/333)
  3. Eat out of the yard at least 30 times [approximately 10x per year]. (30/30 – sheep sorrel, yellow sorrel, wild grapes, tangerines, wild cucumber)
  4. Take a fish oil capsule every day. (203/1001)
  5. Attain proficiency at ballroom dancing. (Done 10/1/10)

Trips / Places & Things to Do

  1. Go for free kayak demos with Sweetwater Kayaks.
  2. Take pictures at Caspersen Beach. (Done 3/13/09)
  3. Go over the Skyway Bridge at least 3 times. (2/3)
  4. Visit Arizona at least 3 times. (1/3)
  5. Visit my sister in New Jersey.
  6. Visit Europe (Spain?).
  7. Walk all of the trails at Chinsegut Nature Preserve.
  8. Go skydiving. (Done 10/16/10)
  9. Enjoy dinner and a show at The Show Palace Dinner Theatre on Route 19. (Smokey Joe’s Cafe – 9/20/08)

Business & Finances

  1. Finish the 101in1001.com project.
  2. Develop ReelMeIn.net (a dating site for fisherpeople).
  3. Make & sell handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, book thongs, etc.
  4. Update WebSiteCleanup.com with things I’ve learned over the last few years (especially about WordPress).
  5. Pay all bills on time.
  6. File all paperwork on time.
  7. Gather $1000 emergency fund.
  8. Pay off credit card.
  9. Develop retirement roommate site.
  10. Have a yard sale (unload excess computer equipment, etc). (Done 2/15/09)
  11. Look at the Quickbooks Business Kit for good ideas.
  12. Read Dave Ramsey’s money book and actually do it this time.
  13. Start and regularly contribute to our retirement fund.
  14. Develop mydesktopgeek.com (membership tutorial site).
  15. Put $20 in savings for each completed task. (8/101)

Home Improvement

  1. Fix Bleys’ bathroom (install tile, molding, tub door and door).
  2. Fix the kitchen floor. (Done 9/1/08)
  3. Grow an herb garden in pots. (Done 9/1/10 – The garden didn’t survive, but we did get some herbs from it… enough to count.)
  4. Plant the 6 date palm trees at the back of the yard. (Done 10/18/08)
  5. Water the 6 date palm trees EVERY DAY for 30 days after planting. (Done 11/17/08)
  6. Remove the screen from and clean the window next to my desk (for a better view of the bird bath). (Done 9/1/08, thanks Trav!)
  7. Make edging for the side door (20 or so concrete bricks cast in veggie containers).
  8. Plant flowers along side the side door (marigolds filched from Aunt Susie’s yard!).
  9. Use the woodpile to make a path through the wild area.
  10. Program the weather radio (hopefully before we have a weather emergency).
  11. Load pictures on the digital frame.
  12. Buy storm supplies for the year (April/May of every year).
  13. Use up old storm supplies before buying new ones (March/April of every year).
  14. Get a rubber mallet from a thrift store or yard sale (because we have occasional use for one). (Done 9/2/08, $3 at GoodWilliams-Sonoma)
  15. Remodel Tia’s room into a guest room/library, with futon couch, computer, TV, TiVo … ?
  16. Add a doorway from the great room into the library.
  17. Surround the library door (and beyond?) with artfully arranged game box covers.

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

  1. Make a pad of cat hair felt from Stripe’s daily “bwushins”.
  2. Give away all of the picture frames I’ve collected, with pictures in them.
  3. Figure out something to do with all the ice cream sticks.
  4. Get or make template pieces for making quilts.
  5. Make a patchwork blanket out of some of our favorite old clothes.
  6. Organize project stuff.
  7. Set up picture gallery for this blog (first project: Spring Wildflowers).
  8. Gather and sort all digital pictures, burn to DVDs.
  9. Print & albumize pictures from 2005.
  10. Print & albumize pictures from 2006.
  11. Print & albumize pictures from 2007.
  12. Print & albumize pictures for 2008.
  13. Print & albumize pictures for 2009.
  14. Print & albumize pictures for 2010.
  15. Develop the “What Is It?” section of emilybirt.com
  16. Take up geocaching.

Personal Growth & Relationships

  1. Use up postcards and note cards.
  2. Acknowledge & participate in more milestones in other’s lives (birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc.).
  3. Send Frewsburg Gramma instructions on making a shell necklace & bracelet. (Done 11/15/08)
  4. Learn at least 3 Origami with Dollar Bills (horseshoe crab, squid, scorpion).
  5. Learn at least 5 napkin folds. (1/5)
  6. Post my stories from writing classes in college.
  7. Have an above average sex life (more than 2.3x per week).
  8. Take 4 guitar lessons.
  9. Guitar – Learn basic chords.
  10. Learn to play guitar – I Will Be Your Man by Richard Marx.
  11. Learn to play guitar – Mother by Pink Floyd.
  12. Learn to play guitar – Is There Anybody Out There by Pink Floyd.
  13. Learn to play guitar – Wish Your Were Here by Pink Floyd.
  14. Learn to play guitar – More Than Words by Extreme.
  15. Learn to play guitar – Crazy Little Thing Called Love.
  16. Make a list of 101 things I love about Trav.
  17. Volunteer at some civic activity at least once a month. (2/30)

In the Kitchen

  1. Try out 4 more recipes from the Storm Gourmet.
  2. Try a new bread recipe 1x month. (15/30)
  3. Buy a side of beef and find interesting recipes for the cuts we don’t have a clue how to cook.
  4. Procure supplies for “Italian Night”: checkered tablecloth, bread basket, candles. (Done 10/10/08)
  5. Get supplies for Thai night: bamboo placemats, orchids, rickrack [wall hangings]. (Done 10/1/10)
  6. Create a menu from which guests & visitors can pick their meals.


  1. Check hurricane & emergency preparedness 2x/year (May & December?).
  2. Clean out the baskets in the corner of my desk (which will probably yield many things to do!!). (Done 3/1/09)
  3. Get each pet’s teeth cleaned, yearly.
  4. Repurpose or sell diamond necklace (not a big diamond but it’s very pretty and I would like to use it).
  5. Backup mail & pictures 2x per month.
  6. Re-pad flute.
  7. Participate as a poll worker in every election. (3/?)
  8. Treat myself to a 1 hour massage with Diane at A Unique Touch spa in Spring Hill. (Done 3/12/09)
  9. Give 10 unexpected gifts.
  10. Take at least one surfing lesson.
  11. Tell the manager when I get good service anywhere. (7/?)
  12. Submit a secret to PostSecret.
  13. Donate old clothes I don’t wear anymore to a local charity. (Done 2/17/09, 5 bags to Holy Ground homeless shelter)
  14. Create a gratitude journal & post something every day. (203/1001)
  15. Complete the paint-by-numbers picture I bought several years ago, and encourage others to participate.
  16. Make a new list of 101 things to do for the next 1001 days.

4 thoughts on “101 Things in 1001 Days”

  1. Great list! Well done.

    (and thanks for the mention & link )

    I really need to actively update mine. I’ve made some progress, but haven’t updated the list.

  2. Told you I was going to have a look! Lots of great ideas there – and also a few similarities too.

    Thanks also for a link to where it all started. That might get my creative juices flowing too. I started mine after seeing someone’s list on listography.com.

  3. Good luck on your list. You will end it on my 60th birthday! Hope you and Travis are happy and well. Love, aunt Roxy

  4. Thanks, Aunt Roxy! We’re doing just fine down here… staying busy with work and friends and dancing. How are you and Uncle Gary? Love, Emmy

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