Bucket List

A while back, I made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I didn’t do terribly well completing the items, so I turned it into my bucket list and will continue to work on it. I figure as long as I keep marking things off, it’s all good.

Health & Wellness

  1. Get enough exercise.
  2. Take a fish oil capsule every day. Done!

Trips / Places & Things to Do

  1. Paddle in Moraine Lake.
  2. Visit Europe (Spain?).
  3. Walk all of the trails at Chinsegut Nature Preserve.
  4. Visit the wild buffalo and horses at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.
  5. Go to all of these local places: Richard’s Farm, Beasley Farms, Community Farm on 41, Farmer’s Market, Gator Nutrition, Spring Hill Natural Foods, Murphy’s Market, Crews Lake Park, Deltona Woods Park, Veterans Park Hudson, Veterans Park Spring Hill Dr, Anderson Snow Park, Moon Lake Park, Starkey Park, Weeki Wachee Preserve, Sun West Park.
  6. Eat dinner at Medieval Times. Done 11/13/17!
  7. Visit Sunken Gardens. Done 11/24/18!
  8. See a show at Capone’s. Done 1/20/18!
  9. Visit the Devil’s Den in Williston.
  10. Explore Devil’s Millhopper sinkhole.
  11. Wander the beach at Blowing Rocks Preserve. And explore the tunnels.
  12. Stick my toe in Lake Okeechobee. Done 9/9/18!
  13. Go to the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.
  14. Meet the cats at Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii.
  15. Go to Dames Caves. Done 12/6/17!
  16. Take a bio-luminescent kayak trip in Merritt Island, Florida. Done 10/11/17!
  17. Drive Highway 1 to Key West. Done 3/30/17!
  18. Visit the sculptures at Galleta Meadows.
  19. Go to Sholom Park and walk the labyrinth.
  20. Ride the kinetic carnival rides in Italy.
  21. Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  22. Florida Hikes

Business & Finances

  1. Make & sell handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, book thongs, etc. Use up the stuff we have.
  2. Pay all bills on time.
  3. File all paperwork on time.
  4. Pay off credit card.
  5. Read Dave Ramsey’s money book and actually do it this time.
  6. Start and regularly contribute to our retirement fund.

Home Improvement

  1. Finish guest bathroom (install tile, molding, tub door and door).
  2. Plant flowers along side the side door (marigolds filched from Aunt Susie’s yard!).
  3. Load pictures on the digital frame.
  4. Build frames for the living room wall & put our best pictures up.
  5. Grow roselle and make sauce for Thanksgiving.

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

  1. Make a pad of cat hair felt from Stripe’s daily “bwushins”.
  2. Give away all of the picture frames I’ve collected, with pictures in them.
  3. Get or make template pieces for making quilts.
  4. Make a patchwork blanket out of some of our favorite old tie dye shirts.
  5. Organize project stuff.
  6. Gather and sort all digital pictures, burn to DVDs.
  7. Make a Cobra Weave Exploding Stick Bomb.

Personal Growth & Relationships

  1. Use up postcards and note cards.
  2. Acknowledge & participate in more milestones in other’s lives (birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc.).
  3. Learn at least 3 Origami with Dollar Bills (horseshoe crab, squid, scorpion).
  4. Learn at least 5 napkin folds. (1/5)
  5. Post my stories from writing classes in college.
  6. Have an above average sex life (more than 2.3x per week).
  7. Guitar – Learn basic chords.
  8. Songs to learn on the guitar – I Will Be Your Man by Richard Marx, Mother by Pink Floyd, Is There Anybody Out There by Pink Floyd, Wish Your Were Here by Pink Floyd, More Than Words by Extreme,  Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen, Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison.
  9. Make a list of 101 things I love about Trav. (Done 2/11/12)

In the Kitchen

  1. Learn raw food recipes.
  2. Buy a side of beef and find interesting recipes for the cuts we don’t have a clue how to cook.
  3. Create a menu from which guests & visitors can pick their meals. (Done May 2016)


  1. Repurpose or sell diamond necklace (not a big diamond but it’s very pretty and I would like to use it).
  2. Re-pad flute.
  3. Participate as a poll worker in every election. (4/?)
  4. Give 100 unexpected gifts.
  5. Take at least one surfing lesson.
  6. Tell the manager when I get good service anywhere. (8/?)
  7. Complete the paint-by-numbers picture I bought several years ago, and encourage others to participate.

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