101 Things I Love About Trav

  1. Trav - handsome and dapper!He cooks the BEST bacon!
  2. He has a wonderful laugh.
  3. He makes me laugh with clever jokes and observations about the world.
  4. He’s very loyal.
  5. He knows how to do “man stuff” around the house, using tools and such.
  6. The timbre of his normal speaking voice is very soothing.
  7. He is trustworthy.
  8. He’s my prince – whisking me across the dance floor.
  9. He has beautiful blue eyes.
  10. He’s a computer geek.
  11. He’s kind to animals and small children.
  12. He’s adventurous!
  13. He helps me collect wild food.
  14. He likes adventure food.
  15. Full-body hugs!
  16. He’s a wonderful fashion advisor.
  17. He has interesting scars.
  18. He likes to keep up with technology.
  19. He’s an excellent driver.
  20. He knows how to get the car unstuck.
  21. He has a great immune system.
  22. His ear is pierced.
  23. He has great hair – soft, curly and long.
  24. He lets me cut his hair.
  25. He’s direct.
  26. He has better than average vision.
  27. Animals love him.
  28. He’s a great entrepreneur.
  29. He cares about the environment.
  30. He shares the housework.
  31. He loves to read.
  32. He’s very logical.
  33. He’s purposeful.
  34. He always tells me how beautiful I am.
  35. He votes.
  36. He’s always ready to help his family.
  37. He refuses to grow up – we have fun doing young things!
  38. He makes the bed every day.
  39. He’s well-rounded.
  40. His cooking is delicious – he knows just what spices to use to make things taste good.
  41. Beaker >:(D
  42. He knows about life, the universe and everything.
  43. He is a Mastermind – Kiersey Temperament sorter INTJ.
  44. He’s very affectionate.
  45. He knows how to rough Jester up, just the way she likes it.
  46. He takes good care of Sadie’s sand spurs and other poky things.
  47. He makes sure our pets never run out of food or water.
  48. He cooperates with and participates in taking pictures.
  49. He was a very daring child.
  50. He’s brave.
  51. He has very good morals.
  52. His  high standards made me want to be and have helped me to become a better person.
  53. He likes tie-dye.
  54. He makes me think.
  55. We had a lot of similar experiences growing up, and we get each other’s jokes & references about things.
  56. He likes to do jigsaw puzzles.
  57. He doesn’t like junk mail.
  58. He’s very good at strategy games.
  59. He likes the beach more than the woods.
  60. He likes me better without makeup.
  61. He has a great relationship with his son.
  62. His daughter will always be his baby girl.
  63. He has good taste in TV shows (UFC, Babylon 5, Buffy).
  64. He can be very diplomatic.
  65. He’s steadfast in his religious beliefs.
  66. He likes dragons.
  67. Sometimes he makes a funny blubbing noise after he sneezes, just to make me laugh.
  68. He’s a good story teller.
  69. In bed, he makes me feel incredible sensations.
  70. He likes to kick pine cones into the trees – Pine Cone Pachinko!
  71. He’s an excellent travel companion.
  72. He’s a human wash cloth.
  73. He’s consistent.
  74. He likes to snuggle and be snuggled.
  75. He’s punctual.
  76. He can reach stuff on high shelves.
  77. He has certain favorite numbers.
  78. He likes stale Peeps.
  79. His insights about people are interesting.
  80. If a spider builds a web on the porch, he’ll leave the light on to attract bugs.
  81. He has diverse taste in music.
  82. He plans ahead.
  83. He has very nice legs.
  84. He’s a good navigator.
  85. He’s an awesome ballroom dancer!
  86. He’s a good bed to lay on, for me and the cats.
  87. He’s up for the occasional game of catch.
  88. He’s my soulmate. (I can’t believe I got this far in the list without adding it!)
  89. He’s a good facilitator. (Thanks Joe, for getting this one on the list!)
  90. He’s a terrific problem solver.
  91. He’s patriotic.
  92. He pays attention to what goes on in our government.
  93. He’s the best bra ever.
  94. We’ve grown together over the years.
  95. He’s a good teacher.
  96. He likes wordplay.
  97. He has just the right amount of chest hair.
  98. He can be very tactful.
  99. He has an excellent memory.
  100. He has the bad boy image but not the attitude.
  101. He made this list easy to write!

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3 thoughts on “101 Things I Love About Trav”

  1. So when does the new list start? Does it start with, “This list made me ask him to marry me, and he said yes”? I love you dear!

  2. I’ve started the new list and yes, that’s the first thing on it!! I love you, too, with all of my heart.

  3. Sweet… I guess, only the once in love could see the real meaning of this..
    All the best to u guys

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