Note to self: Green curry is much hotter!

We discovered tonight that red curry is milder than green curry. The other night we had red curry shrimp and it was delicious. Tonight we had green curry chicken, and I used the same amount of green curry paste as I did of red (the recipe was the same) and boy, was it HOT! A little too hot for us… next time I’ll use maybe a little more than half that amount.

While researching curry heat, I found this really cool kitchen gadget – I want it!!

Coconut Shredder

When making coconut milk, I wonder if it would be better to use the coconut water or just plain water? I suppose both would be needed to get enough milk for a recipe. I would definitely like to try making our own coconut milk, that would be very cool. I’ve recently discovered that fresh coconut is one of my favorite foods – probably in the top 10. Mmm!

4 thoughts on “Note to self: Green curry is much hotter!”

  1. I like yellow curry best, then green, then red.

    The hotness of curries of the same color can vary greatly from mild to hot. If you go to a place that offers a variety of curries, the green is most frequently the hottest, though.

    Now it’s time for my arithmetic test. :)

  2. We’ve just recently discovered the whole curry thing. Is there a difference between Indian yellow curry and Thai yellow curry?

    If you log in before commenting, you don’t have to take any tests, we know who you are. :)

  3. Indian & Thai yellow curries are very similar. They both relie upon large amounts of turmeric and cumin. Chinese yellow curry is different, though. I’m not such a big fan of the Chinese version.

  4. Hi Shawn,

    I never said guys can’t cook. Heck, Trav is a better cook than I am! I saw several recipes on your site that I would like to try. Thanks for sharing!


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