Kitchen Gadgets

I love to cook, and I love to buy things to make cooking more fun, easier, and better. I was talking with my mom about our quest for the perfect spice rack, and she told me about a really neat site – This site sells just about anything you could want in the kitchen! They also have great information about what all those gadgets do, which is a good thing, because sometimes I look at stuff on there and go “What the f#@% is that for?” And they very helpfully explain that a Cazuelas is a glazed terracotta cooking dish that gets better the more you use it. Who knew?

We’re looking for a new spice rack because our spices are getting totally out of control. The spice cupboard is full, and so is the area next to the stove. I counted 31 different spices between the two areas, so we need a 32-jar system. Whew! Someday we’ll get it all fixed up. For now, I’m just happy we’ve expanded our repertoire of recipes. We’ve been working on our recipe site a little bit, too. The other day, Trav created a supper dish that has become one of my top three meal choices! It’s Taco Mac and Cheese and it has all of the yummy taste of tacos but without the mess. Mmmmmm!

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