Which sense would you choose to lose?

If I had to give up one of my senses to save my life, I would choose to have my sight taken away. While it’s a very useful sense, it does have its limitations.

Without the input from the eyes, the body has to compensate by making all of the other senses more finely tuned. I would love to have such sensitive senses. Everything would feel twice as good! Can you imagine how soft a fuzzy cat would feel or how beautiful a sparrow’s song would sound? I can. It would be wonderful to be so “in touch” with things.

If I had no sight, a lot of my prejudices would fly right out the window. I could get to know people by who they are, not by what color their skin is or if they’re fat or ugly. I’m sure I’ve missed out on some great friendships because of the way a person looked. Being blind would help bridge that gap in my personality. Why can’t I do it without being blind?

Wrt 100, Peg Files, 11/9/87

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