Lady Liberty

One of the most important things I have ever owned was a 1924 Liberty silver dollar that my grandfather gave to me the last time he visited my family. I feel bad because I have already lost it.

That coin was important to me because it was one of the few things I had to remember Gampy by. It was a gift from his heart that somehow made my grandfather more real to me. When I used to hold Lady Liberty in my hand, I felt good and I would thing about my family and the pleasant times we have shared. Also, it was important because I wanted to give it to one of my children, hoping he would cherish it as much as I did.

I feel that I have let down Gampy because I was careless. I had something of great value and I didn’t take care of it properly. How irresponsible of me! Maybe someday I can make it up to him.

Anyway, I will try to let bygones by bygones and not fret over my beautiful lost coin. Instead, I think I’ll write Gampy a letter.

Wrt 101, Peg Files, 11/25/87

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