The glue is still good.

My new cigar box project is making little tables. I tried Elmer’s glue for the first one, and it came apart. I asked Rachel (our artist friend) what is the best glue to use, and she said ES6000. I remembered we had a tube and when I checked, I discovered that it’s still soft and flowing. Yay!

We picked up a LOT of trash today.

Weird find of the day was a mannequin torso. This is at Aripeka Sandhills Preserve. We went there last week for a night walk and were appalled at the amount of garbage, so when our friend Theresa said she wanted to go pick up trash, we knew where we should go.

Our March Night Walk went really well.

We led 75 people through the park, one batch of 50 and 25 in another. It was fun, challenging, and rewarding. People enjoyed it and we saw neat things: millipedes, scorpions, a toad, a moth, and lots of spiders.

And, the rocks I painted went over really well. A few people were fooled and we had to tell them they were rocks!

Fluorescent painted scorpion and millipede rocks

We picked up about 60 pounds of trash.

We participated in the Great American Cleanup. We started at Crews Lake Park, cleaning up after a big event they had. And then we went out on the street that goes by the park and picked up more. There was stuff we were seeing every day, and now we don’t have to look at it. Yay!

The anole is back in the mailbox.

The other day, I got a puffy envelope out the mailbox, and halfway back to the house, I felt something on my hand and when I looked down, I saw something black, so I flicked my arm! Then I realized it was the anole that has been living in the mailbox. I felt so bad… I searched around to see if I could find it and spent two days hoping it could find its way back. And it did. Well, at least I think and hope it’s the same one.