Back to trying new recipes.

We have a big stack to work through. Today we’re trying Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken, a recipe I got from my trial of New York Times Cooking. Sadly, I can’t link to the recipe because it’s a subscription service. Hopefully it turns out good!

Made it through 30 days of no alcohol.

Trying to break the habit of drinking every day. I did make an exception for Thanksgiving, but still feel I accomplished the goal. I feel better and we’re saving money, too. Going to try and keep it up, just having an occasional drink instead of daily.

Back to normal life!

I worked a full time temp job at the elections office for six weeks, but that’s done for a while and we can go back to doing our regular stuff.

Emmy and a pink elephant on Route 41.
Life is an adventure!
Emmy and a pink elephant on Route 41.
Life is an adventure!

Got one of the kitchen cabinets organized.

I was getting something out as we were preparing dinner (Lucky Pork and Beans) and somehow I caused an avalanche. Which led me to pulling everything out of the cupboard, dejunking, cleaning, and putting everything back there in a way that makes it much more usable.

Work is going well.

The week of camping and being disconnected made me realize how much more I can do if I’m not frequently using social media and news. I didn’t look at CNN at all and Facebook just a few times while we were gone. Less of that means more time for work! And I’m able to concentrate a bit more.