Woke up feeling good today.

One of the things I’ve learned through meditation is to “set the intention” for my day, first thing in the morning. I find it gives me a better frame of mind throughout the day. Today’s intention is to “be present” and to stay in the moment, so I can fully experience the company of others.


After a frustrating morning, my day is going better after going out to find birds to count for the “Global Big Day” event. I didn’t find too many, but it was nice to sit in the sun for a while.

Finally got the clog cleared!

After encountering mass with the 25 foot snake and then having the entire house stopped up, we bought a 50 foot snake to try more cleaning. We ran the new snake, then put the hose up the outside access port and turned on the water full blast, and out came all this stuff in a mad rush. All seems to be well again after taking a shower and doing a load of wet towels, which came from the toilet seal getting broken when we tried to plunge the blockage. Whew! What a day.

Trav got the new sink drains installed.

When we got under the sink to snake the drain, we found standing water, and determined it was coming from the seal around the drain. So we upgraded to nice stainless steel instead of plastic. Yay!! Grateful to Rachel as well, for providing plumber’s putty.

Ready for our new and improved night walks.

We’re always tweaking things. Now we have 16 informational boards for people to look at (made from recycled cardboard boxes), and I made a chalkboard to label and display the fluorescent collection.

Trav got a night vision scope for his birthday, which should be very interesting during the walks. We gave it a little test run last night and it’s really neat. It takes pictures and video. Now to find some critters to observe!