My faith in humanity has been restored.

Yesterday, at Caladesi Island, I made a HUGE mistake by leaving our dry bag in the bathroom… on the island… which is only accessible by boat. We discovered it when we got back to the car and had no keys and no cell phones. DOH!! Scott (our friend who went with us) called the visitor center on the island, and somebody had turned it in. Whew! So they sent it over to Honeymoon Island on the ferry. The ferry dock was a mile away, and again, Scott saved the day by asking a random person to give us a ride over there to pick it up. Otherwise we would have had to kayak across the bay and it would have taken some time and considerable effort, as the waves were starting to pick up just when we got back. So, the guy (Dan) gave Trav a ride over to get it, and brought him back to us. Everything was in the bag, and he refused to take any payment or anything. Just our thanks. He was happy to have done a good deed for the day. So incredibly grateful that it all turned out OK.

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