Twelve mile paddle!

5th/24th Anniversary trip up the Weeki Wachee! We started at Rogers Park and went all the way up to the springs, then back down. It was a blast. Paddling upstream is a little challenging in places, and I learned a lot about steering and paddling on this trip. Lunch was chipotle chicken lettuce wraps and jicama sticks, with Dove chocolates for dessert. We saw two snakes, a raccoon, slider turtles, a snook, and lots of other fish which I’m working on identifying. The birds were plentiful with anhinga, cormorant, duck, ibis, herons, a grebe, and George the bald eagle. We saw a pair of great blue herons fly gracefully into their nest, calling to their babies all the while. Plus I got a new bird to mark in my book, the Louisiana heron.

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