A five minute walk around World Market Auction was very entertaining.

We went in there because there were signs all over the roads nearby.. Store Closing! Hurry! So we went to see what it was all about, because we needed a couple of throw rugs due to our recent redesign. We stepped into the store and WOW!! The amount of gaudy items in there was astounding. Massive furniture, ornately carved and gilded… wall hangings with all manner of sparkly things attached (my favorite was a three foot diamond necklace)… and a vast array of statues, lamps, and knickknacks with a ton of gold, silver, mirrors, and fringe. It was amazing. And then the auctioneer… the auctioneer! He was straight out of a movie, with his mmbbubba hey lmmana 5 hundred do I hear 6. I laughed for a long time after we left.

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