I’ve enjoyed watching “Naked & Afraid” for the past few days.

There was a particularly good episode – Lord of the Rats – with an interesting guy named Darrin who was very resourceful. They were on a tropical island with a knife, a bow drill, and a coil of rope. First he made shoes, a platform, and fire. They went foraging and found a big bunch of bananas (which they had to constantly defend from the monkeys), and he made a buried fire pit to steam the unripe bananas to make them good to eat. Then he made a rat trap and caught four right off the bat. He was also counting the coconuts every day and noticed when one fell, so he went and found it, and they feasted on fresh coconut water and meat.

We joked that he was going to be the first one to actually gain weight on the show, and we laughed and laughed about it. Good, solid belly laughter.

It turns out, he only lost 6 pounds during the 21 days, which is really good, considering we’ve seen most people lose anywhere from 15 to 40 pounds.

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