Had tons of fun at the zombie photo shoot today!

Trav & I went as zombie bride & groom.


It was part of a fundraising event for a zombie run happening in October, put on by Spring Hill Artists. The first set of shots was at Crews Lake Wilderness Park. Then we went to a place called the Monkey Asylum which is an abandoned primate sanctuary. They told us several times to pay attention and be aware because there are hazards all over the place, like snakes, spiders, broken glass, garbage, and especially pools and pits with fetid water in them. Apparently I was playing the dumb zombie too well because as I backed up to get a picture, I stepped into one of the pits and fell back into the water and sank up to my neck!! It was nasty and stinky and full of algae. They took some final pictures of my goopy self, and then we returned to the car where I stripped and wrapped up in one of the towels we brought. When we got home I took off the rest of my clothes (underwear and socks) and Trav hosed me down before we went in to take a shower. I’ve not been scrubbed so clean in a very long time! We had a ton of fun participating in this event and hope to do the zombie run, too.

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