A show we never watch, but everyone asks if we do…

Last night, Trav & I performed a ballroom dance routine for the “Dancing with the Stars” show at the Timber Pines community, for their Newcomer’s Club. Our dance teachers Bonnie and Chris were hired to put on the show. Bonnie did a wonderful job with my makeup, hair and costume. And Trav looked so handsome and dashing… my latin lover!

Trav & Emmy - Merengue 2011 at Bonnie's

About 200 people were in attendance, and we were the first couple to go on stage. We did the merengue, with the other couples dancing Rumba Bolero, Cha-Cha and Swing. We took pictures, did pre-show interviews, and recorded the whole show, and Trav made an amazing DVD of the whole production! We can watch it when you come over. Click below to see our dance!


I was shaking like a leaf the entire time we were on stage… thank goodness Trav had himself together!! After our performance, we all went to Carrabba’s and had a delicious dinner. What a wonderful evening… everything a girl could want. :)

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