I had a really good run of not having been involved in a car accident.

Today a lady rear-ended us, thus ending the accident-free period of my life. :\ Her Jeep was not too damaged even though she hit hard enough to slam us into the car ahead. The guy in front of us stopped suddenly, Trav stopped with several feet to spare, we heard a terrible screech of tires, and then WHAM, she slammed right into us. We suspect she was on the phone. We seem to be OK so far… headaches and Trav got his knees smashed by the dashboard. Hopefully it’s no more than that.

Here’s the worst of the damage:

Rear bumper damage

Easy to match up her bumper to ours!

Jeep front end

We could also see our bumper’s imprint on the car ahead:

Damage to Sienna

The sheriff got there quickly and was very efficient processing our scene (being in Florida, he probably does this a lot). When the paperwork was done, we got a nice printout for the insurance claims and such. While the kindly police man was making the report, I called our insurance company (Amica), and filed a claim so we’re all set there for now. I love having a cell phone and a good insurance company! We should be able to get a rental car first thing in the morning, while we wait 2-3 business days for an adjuster to come look at the damage. We really don’t want to drive it as the back bumper is flopping and loose… we’re afraid it might get blown off and cause more damage.

I will be very happy if this is the worst wreck we ever have. Hopefully I can go another 43 years without one!

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