Bok Tower Gardens

A couple of weeks ago, we went down to Tampa to visit our friend Barb, and she took us over to Lake Wales to visit Bok Tower Gardens. What a beautiful place! Among the gardens, there is a 205 foot carillon bell tower made of pink marble and coquina. It sits on a hill called Iron Mountain, which at 295 feet is one of the highest points in peninsular Florida.

Bok Tower - Trav

I laid on the ground to get that one. :) Here’s a closer view of some of the extremely detailed and gorgeous carvings:

Bok Tower Details

And here we are the entrance:

Bok Tower Emmy Trav

On our way out, we took some time to go over to Spook Hill, where you can make your car seem to roll uphill. We didn’t get it. But I looked around and found this video and now it makes a lot more sense! Pretty silly but also entertaining.


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