Happy Birthday, everybody!

Tonight we went to Pape Kibos to celebrate Pris and Kathy’s birthdays. It was awesome! Here we are, after delicious bread and tasty drinks, about to eat a delectable dinner.

Pape Kibos - Ready to eat!

The ambiance of the place is Ernest Hemingway… big game, savannah-type stuff.

Pape Kibos Decor

They serve exotic meat, which I love to try. Tonight they had kangaroo and silly me, I didn’t ask how much the specials were. My mistake!! This is about how I looked when I found out how much my dinner cost…

Pape Kibos Surprise

Yes, that says $55 for the kangaroo. This one time, it was worth it. We easily got $55 worth of entertainment between the six of us, what with the jokes and all. Steve wanted to know if they would take a check for the kangaroo or would they be afraid it would bounce?! tee hee

We highly recommend Pape Kibos in Hudson, Florida, for incredibly delicious Italian food served in human-sized portions at (mostly) reasonable prices. Danielle and Leena are wonderful servers! Plus the owner said it was OK for us to lick our plates clean there. I wish I had licked my plate clean tonight. Next time I will, because the food is so good. MmmmMMM!! :p

Update: Pape Kibos is no more… they just couldn’t figure out what they were trying to be, I guess! So sad.

Update 2016: We are still getting mileage out of this story. LOL!!

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