I’m very glad Trav knows how to do plumbing stuff!

On Friday, we finished digging and went in to take a shower. At the end of the shower, the pressure kind of dropped but we didn’t really think anything of it. Then a few minutes later, we heard this noise… it sounded like something fell but we couldn’t identify it. Then we noticed the water pump kept running every few minutes, and we didn’t have any hot water. When Trav went outside to look at the pump, he heard water rushing from under the house. So we opened it up to look and there was a massive waterfall coming out from one of the pipes. Trav quickly shut off the main water and we went to have a look and found the hot water pipe had come undone where it joins under the middle of the house. Luckily, we’ve done some projects over the years and we had the stuff to fix it. Yay!! Someday soon we’ll get a length of pipe and replace the section where it burst, because there are three joins in about one foot of space. We think the knuckleheads that put our house together cut into the pipe to switch around the hot and cold water because they did it wrong to start out. One more project on the list. :)

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