Not Your Usual Breakfast… Maybe Mine, Though!

Last weekend we went up into Brooksville to do a little shopping and discovered a new produce market. Much to my delight, I was able to get not one but TWO adventure foods! They had a section of Middle Eastern foods, so I got kefir cheese and green za’atar – a spice mix of roasted thyme, ground sumac, sesame seeds and salt. It is soooo good. I’ve been mixing it up in the kefir cheese and dipping veggies in it – an amazing breakfast!


The kefir cheese tastes like a cross between yogurt and sour cream, firm and a bit tangy. The most common use for the za’atar is to sprinkle it on bread, or put it in oil and dip your bread into it. I can’t wait until our challenge is over so I can make some bread to put it on!

When I took the picture, I noticed it says “No salt” on the front of the za’atar package. But the ingredients include salt. I wonder which is right?

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