North Carolina 2009 – Day 4

This is the story of the fourth day of our vacation to North Carolina. You can also read about the background and trip up, the first day, the second day, or the third day.

Today we opted for a lazy day at home. Everybody else went antiquing while Trav, Bleys & I stayed behind. After breakfast I went on a little hike on the path from the house and took tons of pictures of the flowers, plants and other interesting sights along the trail. Here are some of my favorites:

Waterfall along the path


Coral mushrooms

Coral Mushroom



A very strange creature by the side of the road!


After I got back, I went to work on a batch of pitas, since I had promised to make some during our trip. I had to call my Mom to get the recipe for Oatmeal Pita Bread (thanks, Mom!) and it was kind of strange making dough without the machine, but they turned out great. We ate them with Jen’s delicious black bean chili.

The excitement for this day was seeing black bear prints! Trav & I went for a walk and on the way back, Trav spotted several tracks in the mud. Here’s one of them:

Bear Track

It was very fresh, since it hadn’t been there at the beginning of our walk. I’m sorry we missed seeing the bear! To get a sense of the scale, here’s a picture of the print with Trav’s hand next to it:

Bear Track with Hand (for scale)

That was really exciting to see and one of my favorite moments of the vacation.

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