North Carolina 2009 – Day 2

This is the story of the second day of our vacation to North Carolina. You can also read about the background and trip up or the first day.

Sunday was all about the food. Jen prepared a wonderful brunch of fried green tomatoes (from their garden), bacon, sausage, toast and scrambled eggs. We didn’t have lunch that day because we were all saving our appetites for dinner… when we went food shopping Mike & Jen bought these really, really nice ribeye steaks, enough to feed all 11 people that would be there for dinner that night.

Trav expertly seasoned the steaks and Mike cooked them on the grill. We enjoyed a mouthwatering dinner of steak, salad and seasoned potato wedges. In attendance were Mike, Jen, Michelle (daughter), Richie (son), Angela (daughter-in-law), Megan & Robert (grandkids), Isabella (grandkid), Bleys, Trav and me. Then we spent the evening socializing and watching the final episode of Survivor (during which I snoozed… not one of the shows I watch). Then it was time to turn in from a very lazy day at “home”.

The video below is proof that someone will take an eye out with roughhousing!! Warning: This video may be boring to those who don’t know the people involved. The end is pretty funny, though.


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