New 30 Day Challenge – Food Diary

Since I quit drinking caffeinated coffee, I’ve gained 7 pounds. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s 6% of my body weight so I can see the difference. And I don’t want it to get any worse, so I need to do something before it gets too bad… I’m too lazy to lose a lot of weight. ;)

One of the tricks I’ve seen on different web sites is to keep a food diary. Sometimes that alone can be enough for someone to lose a bit of weight – and I think it will probably work for me. I find myself being more mindful of what I’m eating… like “Oh, I don’t want to have to write that down, so I think I’ll pass” on the munchie here, munchie there. I also discovered, through the Shape Up America! web site, that I should only be eating about 1,360 ┬ácalories per day. Waaaah! That doesn’t seem like a lot. I got the info from the Shape Up & Drop 10 section of the web site, which had a lot of good stuff.

So, we’ll see how it goes for the next 28 days of writing down everything I eat. I’ll also be roughly estimating calorie intake after I’m done for the day, which I hope won’t be too disturbing! I’m getting the data from the food packaging and

Just for fun, here’s my entry from May 1st:

  • Handful of nuts (brazil, hazelnut, walnut & macadamia)
  • Whole wheat toast with 1/4 avocado & topped with broccoli sprouts
  • 2 Hershey dark chocolate kisses (breakfast dessert)
  • Fish oil capsule
  • Hunk of daikon radish
  • Prune yogurt (1/2 c)
  • Rice & beans with feta cheese
  • 2 more kisses (lunch dessert)
  • Hunk of granola bark
  • Mediterranean Scallops (bay scallops with zucchini, yellow squash and tomatoes, broiled then mixed with fresh fettuccini pasta and scampi sauce)
  • Merlot wine (4 oz)
  • Coffee flavored ice cream (1/2 c)
  • Water (34 oz)

I estimate almost 1,900 calories for all that food (hopefully overestimating – I’m trying very hard not to be under). No wonder I’m gaining weight! I think I need to review the info about portion sizes and perhaps add more exercise into my daily routine. Anybody have any other tips for stayting slim & trim?

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