Here’s the Beef!

New GrillYesterday, we got a new grill at Lowes. It’s a 3-burner Char-Broil Commercial Series infrared grill and it is sweet! After Trav spent 3 hours assembling it, he cooked delicious ribeye steaks for the three of us. Here he is putting the first piece of meat on his great new grill (click for a larger version). To prepare the steaks, Trav put a bit of sesame oil, kosher salt and smokehouse black pepper on them. The kosher salt helps to draw protein to the surface and makes a very nice “crust”. Those steaks were perfectly cooked – the best we ever had, either in a restaurant or at home. Very nicely done, Trav!

Our old grill rusted out in its guts, and it cost just as much to replace the parts as it did to get a whole new grill. I have plans to turn the old grill into a storage container of some sort, so that nice steel casing won’t have to go to be recycled just yet.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what delicious creations Trav will produce! We’re hoping to copy a dish Trav had at Up The Creek recently – grilled mahi mahi with lemon pepper seasoning and wasabi plum sauce. Mmmm!

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