A Nearly Perfect Day

Today began with a beautiful sunrise… a red sun and low mist hanging over the lake bed at Crews Lake Park. The birds were singing beautifully, and we saw a pileated woodpecker flitting among the trees. Then we spent the rest of the day at Caspersen Beach! Here’s me hoping and hoping to get a nice megalodon tooth:

Caspersen Beach Sign

We saw lots of porpoises today, about 40 feet out, just at the end of the rocks. I took some pictures but they’re on the underwater camera so I don’t have those yet. So cool! Lots of pelicans were hanging around, too. I love when they plunge into the water. Here’s one of the pictures I took while we walked the length of the boardwalk:

Caspersen Rocks

There were several guys fishing from the rocks and doing pretty well. They were catching mostly sheepshead, which is really good to eat, according to one of the fishermen. One of the other fishermen was getting bait from the surf (little mole crabs) and he found a big, really nice megalodon tooth! Today everybody seemed to have a big shark tooth story… except me. Someday, though!

Below is a picture of what we found today (click the pic for a larger version). The round piece is a vertebrae of some sort. The comb-looking one is a manta ray plate, and I have no idea what the other piece on the left is. We didn’t find as many keeper shark teeth this time but I’m happy to just have a few good ones. Plus I got a few other shells which will make nice necklaces and a book thong.

Caspersen Fossils 3/13/09

On the way home we stopped to eat dinner at Chili’s, which was a nice treat. I had steak quesadillas, mmmm! In all, a splendid day.

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  1. It has been a very nice couple of days! Thank you my love! Every day with you is wonderful, but the last couple have been totally spectacular! I love you!

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