2 thoughts on “Yay for free UFC events! Spike TV rocks.”

  1. Hi Em,

    I really find it hard to believe you would like a sport, the object of which, is to brutally maim your opponemnt into submission.

  2. Hi Dad,

    Actually, the guys in the UFC are highly trained professionals, and they try very hard not to hurt each other too badly. There are lots of rules to help prevent serious injury, too. Sure, they get cut up and bruised and sometimes break bones and get torn ligaments and stuff, but not much more than other contact sports such as football or soccer. I’ve been sitting here for quite some time trying to articulate why it attracts me, and all I can think of is it’s raw… it’s real and brings up primal emotions in me when I watch it. Men have been fighting ever since there *were* men, and our modern warriors do it in a way that’s respectful, professional and highly entertaining.

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