Floridiana Festival

Shell Game bookToday we went with our friends, Jennifer and Michael, to the Floridiana Festival in Gulfport, Florida. It was neat! I had a good time. I bought three books. The first and my favorite is one called The Shell Game for Junior Beachcombers. It’s from 1953 and shows all kinds of different shells to be found in our area. I like the way the author groups different shells… Animal Family (cat’s eye, cat’s paw, turkey wing), Flowers (tulip band, voilet snail, buttercup, periwinkle), Fruits and Vegetables (apple murex, pear welk, coffee shell, nutmeg), etc. I’ll definitely enjoy showing this book to visitors so they can identify their shells after a beach trip. I also got two other books, part of the “Fabulous Florida” series… Florida’s Fabulous Trees and Florida’s Fabulous Flowers.

We also got to meet the Florida Orange Juice Girl! Michael, that picture on the web site was taken about two years ago. Here’s one from today:
Florida Orange Juice Girl

The art of the Highwaymen was very interesting and beautiful. I took some pictures of it but they don’t do it justice at all. There was one artist in particular that I really liked, but his least expensive painting was $250 for a tiny thing, so we didn’t buy any art today. It was really neat though – the paint was three dimensional and the artist used very vivid colors to paint the Florida landscapes. One of the artists even painted some of his landscapes right out to the edge of the frames. That was unique and interesting.

After the show, we took a lovely walk to the end of the nearby pier, and then we went over to St. Petersburg and had lunch at Ted Peters, a place I had been wanting to go since I was on my “I want to try smoked mullet” kick when we first moved here. So I finallly got try it. It was good, but I don’t think I would ever go back, because the menu was pretty limited and the prices were a bit high for something we’re not really that into. I guess I like the idea of the mullet more than the actual eating of it. :)

We took the scenic route home along the edge of the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf Drive). It was beautiful and little bit of torture not being able to stop at the beach. But I did put my feet in the water at Boca Ciega Bay, so I got a little water and seagull visitation.

Last stop was for ice cream at the local Twistee Treat. It was a good ending to a perfect day for being outside. I thoroughly enjoyed our day out and about.

Where have you gone lately?

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