Floridiana Festival

On Saturday, I’m going with our friends Michael and Jennifer to a Floridiana Festival, where they’ll have all kinds of vintage Florida memorabilia, art and decorations. Jennifer is particularly interested in seeing the Florida Highwaymen art. It should be interesting. The place we’re going is right on Boca Ciega Bay, so I should be able to go stick my toe in. :) It looks like there’s a big pier going out into the water, too. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Floridiana Festival”

  1. Looks to be a good time.

    Do me a favor? Be sure to see/meet the Florida Orange Juice Girl. There is something odd about that photo. It’s hard for me to figure if the photo was actually taken a long time ago or simply made to look that way–the pose, her hair, the outfit. Something doesn’t add up, and I’m curious.

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