This issue has come up for us before… what to do with food that has been bought and then turns out to be something bad for us, that we don’t want to eat? The most recent item is the hydrogenated lard I bought to make tortillas. Since I’ve found a source of non-hydrogenated lard, I don’t know what to do with the first brick. What’s your opinion?

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2 thoughts on “Quandary”

  1. I was in this very same boat last week. I’ve decided to keep and use it. Some reasons why: I knew going in that it contained hydrogenated lard, and I chose to buy it anyway, so I’ve taken responsibility for it to not be wasted. Also, the effects of trans fats, like most things, are bad when you eat them in significant quantities over a long period of time. So long as this is the only source of hydrogenated fat/oil I’m consuming and I don’t get more after it’s gone, I’m not so concerned.

    If you don’t want to eat it, you could make a small batch of soap.

  2. Oooo the soap idea intrigues me. And I appreciate your comments, they make a lot of sense. It’s good to take responsibility and also to be reminded of the bigger picture. One pound of lard isn’t gonna kill us! :)

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