Goat Stew

On my quest to find non-hydrogenated lard, I stopped at a little Cuban market the other day, and I saw a sign in the window… goat, $2.35 per pound. We haven’t had adventure food in a while, so I bought some and tonight we had stew. It was good, but not so unique or different that I would run right out and buy it again. It was very tender, and a little gamy like venison. The guy there told me they have it on Saturdays, cooked, so I might go up there some weekend and get some, to see how they prepare it.

And there’s one other thing about eating goat… Trav kept saying “Sorry, goat!” because he had goats as pets when he was a kid, and he was making this sad face… I don’t want to see that frown again anytime soon. We had a discussion about eating things you once had as a pet… I guess it would be kind of weird to eat dog or cat meat. But we decided that because fish don’t have fur and they don’t love you, that’s OK.

Boy, I sure have come a long way from the teenage vegetarian, eh? :)

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