30 Days

I’m a big fan of Morgan Spurlock’s TV show 30 Days, and also I find Scott Young to be quite inspirational and interesting. Recently there was a post by Scott discussing The Power of Less, and it really made me think about the whole 30-day challenge idea, where you do something every day for 30 days straight so it becomes a habit. Here are challenges I’ll attempt to complete in 2009… 30 Days of:

  • Unaltered Reality – Decaf coffee and no alcohol. I’ll miss you, wine with dinner!
  • Daily Exercise – Gilad’s 3 days a week with pushups, crunches and whatever else on the other days. If we get a medicine ball that would be good.
  • No Refined Sugar – I keep reading in various places that sugar is a major cause of cancer and if that’s true, I would like to NOT get cancer by avoiding sugar. The only sugar I’ll get will be from fresh fruit.
  • Guitar Practice – Surely I could play one song at the end of that 30 days.
  • Frugal Living – One month of a spending shutdown, to see how much money we could save.

That’s what I have so far. Although, if I go by the system, those things may take all year… if you miss one time, you start from the beginning and do 30 days until you get it done.

Anybody have ideas on stuff to do?

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