A few weeks ago, we were at Firehouse Subs and we happened to run into one of the guys that works at Crews Lake Park. Introductions were made (they thought of us as the “tie-dye people”) and we were asking the names of the other people, and it was revealed that Mark (who used to be “eye guy” – he has really pretty blue eyes) is an actor who is involved in plays at Stage West, a community playhouse in Spring Hill. After looking at the schedule, we decided 1776 would be a fun play to see. It’s described as a musical but it’s also a comedy. Written by Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards, it won three Tony Awards, and tells the story of the continental congress in Philadelphia leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

We went to see it last night, and it was fantastic! Very entertaining. The acting was wonderful, the costumes and set were perfect, and the sound quality was excellent. One of my favorite parts was the end, where after signing the Declaration of Independence, the actors created the scene from the famous engraving by Edward Savage and Robert Edge Pine.

Afterwards, I was wondering how historically accurate it was, and found the answers on Wikipedia. It turns out the writers made liberal use of literary license, so it was interesting to read about how the play compared to what really happened. Bleys found this PDF document with the author’s notes (near the end), which is a very interesting read after having seen the play. Next play to see in January – The Man Who Came to Dinner.

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