A good use for extra hair

I can’t remember how I got to this web site, but I love this solution for cleaning up oil spills:

Hair and mushrooms create a recipe for cleaning up oily beaches from San Francisco Chronicle

I would like to donate our hair to that. I wonder if they can use cat hair? Or feathers? I found a big pile of them under our twin oak tree… I think it was a mockingbird and I keep wondering what ate it – fox, armadillo, cat? Sadie has been chasing things in the yard at night lately, and one of the turtle holes seems to be the home of something not a turtle. I wonder what’s living there?

Whatever it is, I hope it likes to eat rats. We caught a Norway rat the other day… it looked like a teenager so I wasn’t sure if it was male or female. Plus there’s another one to catch, we heard it scratching under the house yesterday. Trav set a good trap for it, which I need to check! I’ll let you know of any interesting results. :)

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