There’s a Fungus Among Us!

Speaking of eating out of the yard, this week we had the opportunity to sample sulphur shelf, a fungus that grows on both live and dead trees. Here it is, growing on an oak tree, just before I harvested some of the tender edges:

It’s also called Chicken of the Woods. It does have a pretty meaty texture, like portobello mushrooms, and it’s delicious! I found some ideas on what to do with it at the Birdchick Blog. First I soaked it in vinegar water, rinsed it, then cut it up and simmered it in chicken broth for 30 minutes. Today I threw some into my miso soup:

There’s a little bit left, which I plan on eating for breakfast tomorrow – wheat toast slathered with artichoke dip and topped with the sulphur shelf. Nummy!

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