Bodyweight Workout

I found an interesting article the other day… it tells you how to get an effective workout by just using your own body and perhaps a few other tools. I like this because I’m just starting to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, and I’m not yet at a fitness level where I need equipment. Hopefully soon, though!!

Zen Habits: How to Get In Lean Shape with Little or No Equipment

Within the next month or so, we plan on getting memberships at Spring Hill MMA… it’s $80 each per month for unlimited classes. I want to try jiu jitsu, judo and the women’s cardio kickboxing. Whee!

3 thoughts on “Bodyweight Workout”

  1. hmm, you REALLY do all that Zen Habits? yikes, I would give you 10s all the way – hugs hugs, Yolds

  2. Oh boy, I wish I did all those things, I’d be a superstar! I’m too lazy to exercise that hard (for now, anyway). :)

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