Atlas Quest

During our daily walks in the park, we sometimes pick up trash, to help keep the park nice and clean for the critters that live there. Today we happened upon a bunch of stuff strewn around, including a little note that says “Gator’s Nest #2 Letterbox. Please do not destroy. Enjoy the contents, and replace where found, hidden from view.” It also has a phone number to call in case of damaged or missing contents (which I did call to report).

Apparently it’s part of a really neat hobby called letterboxing, where people hide things in various places and then give clues on how to find the hidden treasure. When you find a box, you record it in your journal, stamp the log book with your info and maybe add a note (kind of like a visitor registry), and then you put the box back for the next person to discover. Here are the items for our area. Sounds like a fun pastime and a great way to explore the area. I’m thinking this is something Aunt Susie would love to do, and she’ll be back very soon. Woo hoo!!

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