Guys Night Out

Tonight, Trav went out with some friends because their wives are vacationing out of town, so we’re on our own for supper. After a day of shopping at the flea market and Sam’s Club, I didn’t feel like cooking so here’s what I had for supper:

Trav made a delicious angel food cake for my birthday (thank you, dear!! :)) and he bought me a lucky bamboo at the flea market today. It’s got two adorable little froggies hanging on to the rim of the container. When it grows a little and looks better, I’ll post a picture of it.

So it’s shaping up to be a really good birthday. Tomorrow we’re going to another flea market to look for a couple of shirts (tie-die American flag and a dashiki or peasant blouse) and/or a tiny tripod. I’m planning on taking the day off (woo hoo!) to do only what I feel like doing… though I’m not exactly sure what that is yet. I guess I’ll find out on Tuesday!

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