Milk Straight From the Cow

I finally got the opportunity to try raw milk – I had been wanting to for quite some time, since I never had it and it’s supposed to be really good for you. Sadie was kind enough to share her milk with us (it’s sold here for “pet consumption” only).

I liked it, but not enough to pay $5 for half a gallon. Though now that I wrote that, and considering it’s about the only way I would like to consume milk, I might buy it again to make our Chicken Wing Soup or something. Sure, there’s a little bit of risk of germs in the milk, but I would trade that risk any day for the dead, hormone-filled yuk that passes for milk in the grocery store. And all kinds of foods carry a risk and I still eat them – though I need to throw out the jalapenos I bought a while back ‘cuz they might have salmonella. Good thing I didn’t use them!?!!

Anyone else out there a fan of real milk?

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