It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

We’ve had almost 8″ of rain in the last two days, and some really close lightning. They say west-central Florida is the lightning capital of the world, and after our last two storms, I believe it! Not that I didn’t before, but the recent storms have been especially fearsome. Poor Sadie just lays on the floor and shakes, no matter what we do to try and make her feel safe.

I have to give kudos to our internet provider, Time Warner Cable (Roadrunner). Their service is great! Even during the worst storms, it never goes out. The storm on Sunday night fried our cable modem and we were able to take it in on Monday morning to get a free replacement, no muss, no fuss, no hassle. It was nice to get back up and going again so quickly. We’re going to invest in a surge protector for the cable so that doesn’t happen again. We have whole-house surge protection but since the cable isn’t on that, we need something just for the modem.

Time for me to go, looks like another storm is coming and I’d like to get this posted before we lose power or something!

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