P.E. Teacher?

Maybe one of my future jobs will be as a teacher of children… apparently our education system is a shambles. I’ve been reading a book by John Stossel, called Myths, Lies And Downright Stupidity and I’m in the education section right now; the chapter is titled “Stupid Schools”. It says the longer a child is in our school system, the worse s/he does on international scholastic tests. We need to do something to turn that around and maybe I can be part of the solution. Though I say PE teacher because I really would like to see more fitness from our young people, and better eating habits. Definitely better eating habits.

Earlier today I ate a very old Twinkie and it left a bad, fishy taste in my mouth. I wonder if they’ve always done that or was this one so very old it just tasted nasty. I don’t think I’ll be eating another Twinkie anytime soon. :0&

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