Food, Glorious Food!

Creme BruleeLately I’ve been trying a lot of different recipes – every so often I get on a kick of wanting more variety. The first two dishes shown are the result of buying ramekins at the thrift store (there’s a really good one nearby that supports homeless cats). The first is Creme Brulee, yum! We had that for dessert on several of our cruises and when I found a recipe for it on the vanilla extract box, I thought maybe we could try making some. It turned out great! The next batch we made was chocolate, and it was even better. The next dessert in the ramekins will be souffles with chocolate sauce. :p~

Cheese SoufflesTo get our money’s worth, I wanted to be sure and use the ramekins for something else, so I made some cheese souffles for lunch the other day. I think I overfilled them because they came out all lopsided and terribly bumpy. To fix that, I bought more ramekins!! So next time, they won’t be so full, and I’ll add some bits of ham and onion to make them really tasty.

French Bread

Next up is my first loaf of French bread, made today from a recipe out of the bread machine recipe book my mom gave me. I made it to make bread crumbs (because I can’t find them without hydrogenated oil at the store) and it turned out really well! Bleys paid me a very nice compliment by saying it tasted like Carrabba’s bread. Yay!!! I might have to make another loaf for crumbs because this is all that was left after we were done sampling it. :)

Edible arrangementOur rainy season has finally started, so today Trav mowed the grass for the first time this year. My job is to move stuff out of the way and to go around and rid the yard of sand spurs before they get chopped up and strewn around by the mower. While hunting for the evil weeds, I found these beautiful and delicious greens! Sheep sorrel and yellow wood sorrel. As an experiment, I put them in water and left them on the island in our kitchen, so we can enjoy them before they become a tart and tasty addition to our next salad.

Has anybody else tried something interesting lately? Feel free to comment.

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