Mmmmm… Faaaaat

On Sunday we were at Sam’s Club and I was lamenting about being discouraged from eating certain foods because of reading the label. Currently, we have three banned substances – high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, etc.) and hydrogenated oils. Sometimes it’s a bummer to miss out on such delicious treats! But I soon come to my senses and then I’m glad we don’t eat all that crap. I know I would weigh 150 pounds if we did.

The thing that brought about this post is an article I read the other day:

The Truth About Saturated Fat

Now I don’t want to use corn/soybean/vegetable oil… ugh! I bought some sunflower oil for frying and such. We may be better off health-wise but our pocketbook will surely be lighter. I wonder how much of the article is accurate? I especially wonder about your own fat cells becoming hydrogenated from consuming hydrogenated fats… that can’t be good!!

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