Shark Tooth Heaven

Shark TeethToday we went to Caspersen Beach and found TONS of shark teeth! Click the picture for a closer view, and my guesses on some of what we found. It was amazing and the best beach we have been to by far!! At least for finding fossils. One guy was a mini-celebrity today when he found a nearly 2″ megalodon tooth – it was spectacular and I hope we find one of those someday. We’ll have to keep going back. :) Here’s the link I used to try and identify the teeth – Quick and Dirty Guide to Fossil Shark Teeth.

FossilsThe fossils other than teeth are really neat, too. The leftmost one looks like the tail of some kind of shrimp. The small comb-looking thing in the middle is a manta ray plate, and the rest are unidentified. I wonder what strange and wonderful creatures made them.

2 thoughts on “Shark Tooth Heaven”

  1. Very fun. Looks like you have a great haul.

    In the photo, though, it’s hard to tell the size of the fossils. It would be better if you put a coin or ruler in the photo to give it perspective.

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