Yesterday was a good day. I made Red Curry Shrimp for dinner (the recipe was on the side of the Thai Kitchen curry paste jar) and it turned out really well. Then we went over to see Gramma & Aunt Susie and ended up going for ice cream at the little 50s ice cream shop down the road. They have nice tables outside so we took our ice cream and went out there, and noticed it was low tide in the little canal that runs alongside the place. We saw hundreds of crabs in the mud, each standing at the entrance to its hole, intermittently waving its big claw. It was really neat! I think they were fiddler crabs. I studied them while I ate most of my ice cream, and then we went back to visit with Gramma for a while longer. They’re leaving for Michigan next week so we’re trying to cram in all of the visiting we can between now and then!

While looking up the crab info, I stumbled on this site – Pure Florida. It’s a very nice site. The crabs we saw, the holes were maybe 6″-8″ apart so they weren’t jam packed like the Pure Florida fiddler crab page.

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